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We are a team of experienced IT Experts and Technology Enthusiasts.
Our Team Consists of Process Experts, IT Project Managers, Software Specialists, IT Professors and Former CIOs.

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Our focus

As a medium-sized IT service company, we convince with our cross-industry process knowledge.
We digitalize your business processes, we transform, design & control your IT, we build your desired solution and structure your data.

We see ourselves as a partner and co-designer of your company's success. With our holistic approach, we ensure that your business activities and your IT are a perfect match.

In dialog, we identify the solutions that will benefit your company.
We advise you in a solution-oriented, pragmatic and understandable way.

Our Services for Your Success

Process Digitalization

We Digitize Your Business Process

Digitization made easy - our process experts help you digitize and manage your cost-intensive business processes. The result: satisfied employees and improved value creation.

Status Quo Analysis

We Create Transparency in Your IT Landscape.

Are you doing the right things in and with your IT? Get an overview with our status quo analysis! Our experts provide you with an objective analysis and assessment of your IT landscape. On this basis, you can make informed decisions with regard to your business and IT strategies.

Status Quo Experts

Data Science

We Structure Your Data

Do you know your data? Our data experts structure your data and evaluate it in a targeted manner. With the help of machine learning, artificial intelligence and much more, we generate valuable knowledge from your data. On this basis, we prepare forecasts and predictions - to support decision-making processes and optimize corporate management. Use your entire data potential and make the right decisions quickly and proactively.

Data Experts

Software Engineering

We Build Your Desired Solution and Enterprise Software.

As software experts, we support you entirely according to your individual requirements and always keep an eye on your business benefits. We support you individually in individual phases or take over the entire development process - whether new individual software or the further development of existing (legacy) systems.

Software Experts

IT Security by Design

Wir Protect Your IT.

Is your IT secure? With the rapid pace of digitalization, we are increasingly exposed to daily cyber threats. Conduct an individual cyber risk analysis now and see how secure your IT really is in direct comparison to your competitors. Our IT security experts will provide you with meaningful and understandable statements about the risk potential of your IT and develop appropriate recommendations for action for you.

IT Security Experts

Interim Management

We design your IT organization & coach/steer your projects to FMO.

How can transformation projects and change management be successfully implemented? With our interim experts! Trained in innovation and agility, our experts are flexible, fast and scalable. Detached from company politics and organizational culture, we achieve objective and result-oriented results - even in crisis situations.

Cloud Strategy

We Transform Your IT.

As part of a cloud readiness analysis, we create a concept for your cloud transformation based on the results of a status quo analysis of your IT application landscape. We take into account all relevant stakeholders - from IT and business to management. Our approach is four-dimensional: organizational, technical, operational and cost-related.

Cloud Experts


We Drive Sustainable IT

Did you know that IT makes up 4% of global carbon emissions? To reduce emissions, sustainability by design needs to become the new basis of IT development.

By following cleanIT principles, you can achieve comparable precision and data throughput while drastically reducing energy usage. Our comprehensive training covers sustainable programming, AI applications, data centers, and IT organization, empowering your employees to drive change and make a difference.

Our Technology Expertise


More Time for the Essential

Automate Boring Tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

With RPA, you get your own software bot that operates your existing software applications and takes over your time-consuming, manual tasks. In the process, the software bot documents every single work step.

Read more about RPA


Intelligente Automatisierung mit PEGA

PEGA offers innovative software that makes it easy to implement complex business processes. PEGA's solutions are based on artificial intelligence and robotic automation.

Read more about PEGA

Go-Digital Experten by KRALLMANN AG

Towards a Digital Future!

We are an authorized consulting firm of the BMWi funding program go-digital and are happy to support you on your way to digitalization.

Read more about Go-Digital


Your tool for the post-recording of your birth records

With our software, we make it possible to re-enter paper-based data from birth registers directly into the civil register in no time at all.

Read more about this

We will be happy to advise you individually on your project.

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Successful Projects

Projekt: ERP Implementation

As part of this project, a completely new system architecture based on microservices and docker technologies was designed, implemented and integrated into the customer's system landscape. This included product and price consulting, integration into the order system, provision of information for shipment tracking, generation of scannable labels (OCR) for logistics processing, and parcel drop-off points and processing of cashless means of payment.

Projekt: Status Quo Analysis

As part of this project, a status quo analysis of the IT application landscape was carried out. The resulting central IT documentation enabled IT projects to be started more quickly within the company. Due to the transparency created by the analysis, IT could be optimally aligned with business processes. Based on the results obtained, the next step was to introduce business process management.

Projekt: RPA Implementation

As part of this project, RPA based on UiPath was introduced for the automation of simple, recurring processes in the specialist departments. The project included the organizational and technological implementation of the RPA infrastructure as well as the creation of the operating concept and the rules and regulations. The development and go-live of the RPA bots also served as a learning and control process for the developed rules and as a basis for the continuous improvement and further development of the RPA bots.

Projekt: Cloud Migration

Within the scope of this project, a cloud transformation concept was developed based on a multidimensional analysis and a proposal for cloud services provider selection was formulated. The results of the analysis were then used to derive decision templates for management and to identify specific fields of action.

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